" If there is one thing that defines us as human beings and distinguishes us from the rest of the planet's living beings, it is the ability to see the world through the prism of ART.

Since I was a child not more than a meter tall, I was fascinated by being able to express myself using art, and being able to use it as an escape route, although today that route is also feeded by drugs, alcohol, nachos with guacamole and this humor so black that I spread.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis small blog is, first of all, to show my works and share them with the world and on the other hand, to give you the opportunity to be directing of one of them, and to be able to channel your original idea to a canvas or paper through my hands. The camera always shows the objectivity of a moment, but a portrait, caricature or an illustration, imprints the subjectivity of the artist, how he sees you or how he would transfer that moment you are living ...... that is exactly what I offer here.

Feel free to take a walk around the web and contact me for whatever you need. A kind greeting! "