Firstly, if you already have an idea on your mind and you want to place an order, you should get in touch with me (via the email below) and provide me your basic information and any additional information related to the idea such as desired technique, size or reference images.

On the opposite, if you want to acquire one of the works already in the catalog, you only need to indicate me the title of the work and other details such as the delivery address. Easy!


Once I’ve received your email, we can talk about the idea (withing no more then few days), clear all the doubts and we will close the delivery place and date together with the price, that depends on two factors:

1- The work technique; finding graphite art as the cheapest one - up to acrylics, which depending on the canvas and the time used to paint it, is the most expensive in terms of materials.

2- The work hours; where as graphite art takes up to more or less 3 hours (around 60 euros), a complex acrylic illustration (pastel or acrylic) normally exceeds 5 hours.


The payment can be done in 2 parts (the half before doing it, like a deposit, and the other half when finished) or in total before starting. Whichever feels more comfortable. For the payment, I will send an email with all the needed details and the payment can be done via Paypal, Bizum or bank transfer.

If you want to receive the piece at home, shipping rates may vary from 15 euros for small pieces, 20 euros for medium ones and up to 40 euros for large pieces (only for national shipments, increasing the price for international shipments).


When the piece is finished, I will send you a photo of it, for you to approve it. Here is when, if the client is happy, the second part of the payment should be done (in case of choosing to pay in 2 parts). After that, the only thing that is left, is to send it carefully packed and to find a good place where to enjoy the unique piece, what I hope the client will love and appreciate.