About me:

" If there is one thing that defines us as human beings and separates us from the rest of the living beings on this planet, it is the capacity to see the world through the prism of ART.

Ever since I was little, I have felt almost an instinctively impulse to use art to portray my interests and longings. I’ve always wondered why, and within the years, I have come to understand that, only the mere act to observe something, to draw it or portray it, makes you forget all the social and aesthetic prejudices and to see the beauty in things so banal; like wrinkles on the face of an older person, or the shine and the texture of a rusted can or an insect with a shell that seems almost extra-terrestrial. You can say that art is a form of expression, but before that there is a process of understanding the reality what do you want to express; strip it, digest it and spit it out into something, although it can get close to the objectivity of the observation, it will always have the subjectivity of the psyche and emotional state of the artist.

Because of all this, the idea of this small webpage is not to talk about my limited academical training as an artist and selling myself, but to show and sell my art, simple as that. I want to give you an opportunity to be a director to one of them, and to be able to channel your original idea into a canvas or a paper through my work and effort. That, precisely, is what I offer here.

Feel free to take a tour on my page and get in touch with me for whatever you might need. Greetings! "

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Antonio Jesus Rojas Moreno


My most sincere thanks to everyone in whole world who has supported me, and who contribute with all the artists. And obviously to my precious girlfriend, who has helped me with all the translations and has put up with me and for the latter, there isn’t enough gold in the world to pay this effort hehheh...

And to finish, for any suggestion, I’ll leave my personal email (link above). I appreciate all the constructive comments and suggestions that can make this page a better place. Dont hesitate to write!